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Winter Sports


Snowboarding, a winter sport linked to the International Ski Federation, is an activity with snowboarding on the feet. Popularities are based on the 1990s.


With its two long slides underneath which provide transport on slippery slopes such as snow and ice, the slippery, or slippery, horse-drawn, dog-sled, slippery slippery skid now allows the card to safely slide and have fun.

Tour Slide

It is one of the sports clubs that are lighter and shorter, the tour deck which is separated from the normal ski with the features like the hole in the nose and the notch at the back, and high performance. We can describe this sport as slipping down a slope that is reached by walking for a long time.

Snow Canos

It is not very common that this sport is applied as a slip on a sloping and snowy ground. The snow canal can be likened to an upper level of slippery slip from childhood. The most important issue to be aware of is that it requires a large level area to stop after the slope.


Çambaşı Ski Center

Çambaşı Ski Center, projected within the boundaries of the Ordu's Kabadüz district Çambaşı Plateau, is one of the new destinations of provincial tourism.

The large part of the year, especially in summer, the presence of a geographical area with highland and foreign tourists watching is a great advantage for the ski resort.

Another characteristic of the 1850-meter-high ski resort spreads over an area of lake view and surrounded by spruce trees is the potential for quality snow. At the beginning of the activity started with a babylift in the center of 1250 and 1000 meters in length is planned to be done two sieve. The total runway length of the area with five separate runways is 10 kilometers. The longest runway reaches 3000 meters. The length of Babylift is 300 meters and it allows you to ski 1000 meters. The maximum elevation difference between the ski runs at all levels is 325 meters.

In the center there is a ski resort, a cafeteria and an administration room, as well as three se…

Marmaris Holiday Guide

Tourism is constantly developing in Marmaris, Muğla. Any kind of holiday is possible in Marmaris. Centrally located luxury hotels, lively bars or calm quiet beaches in İçmeler or blue tour boats around Turunç.

How to get to Marmaris? Marmaris, 840 to Istanbul, 675 to Ankara, 278 km to Izmir. Most of the bus companies have direct service to Marmaris. Dalaman Airport is 100 km from Marmaris.
Accommodation in Marmaris In and around Marmaris (İçmeler, Pamucak, Hisaronu, Kumlubük, Bördübet) accommodation options are possible.
Marmaris Beaches Icmeler
5 km to Marmaris. The back side of the beach in the form of a bowl is covered with pine trees. Lodging options in the region are rich.
Sedir Island There are two small islets beside the Sedir Island in the Gulf of Gökova, which are called Middle and Small. Sedir Island, which houses the remains of the ancient city of Kedrai, has many historical relics from the Roman and Byzantine periods, as well as the antique theater planned on the northern…