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Çandarlı / Aliağa

Situated in front of a volcanic mountain, Çandarlı Gulf consists of many small coves between Kanlıburun gulf and Arslanlı gulf. In sweltering summer heat, it is known for its refreshing winds. The coast is adorned with ancient ruins.

How to get to Çandarlı?
Çandarlı is 90 kilometers away from Izmir. Several travel companies buses to Dikili are also coming from Çandarlı and Aliağa. You can find permanent minibuses from these areas in Izmir.

From İzmir to Aliağa, IZBAN , the rail system , is available. Its possible to reach Aliağa with only one train from the airport.
Accommodation in Çandarlı
Samyeli Hotel: +902326733428
Senger Hotel: +902326733117
Castle Hotel: +902326731225
Although Aliağa is a heavy industrial city, the cottage makes the air of the town like a summer village. You can eat fish at a small fisherman's restaurant.

Donmez Hotel: +902326161610
Kiyi Motel +902326161950
Tabakci Hotel: +902326161763
Where to visit in Aliağa

Sightseeing Route
The coastal part of the…

Kalem Island

Kalem Island has recently been known as "Turkey's Maldivian" with its area of 480 thousand square meters between Garip Island and Bademli Village coasts in the Dikili district of Izmir. The boutique hotel built on it is not known as Kalem Island and the island is not in the mappings.

Antiquity historian Strabon mentioned one of these three island which is Kalem Island is dating back to 1200 BC. The other two of the Arginussai trio; Strange (Garip) and pigeon (Güvercin) islands. The islands are referred to in the maps as the Strange (Garip) Islands. Kalem Island is only 450 meters from the mainland, 13 miles away from Greece's Mytilene Island.

It is possible to swim from Kalem to Garip Island, which is filled with long sandy beaches (450 meters). Kalem Island is known by the boutique hotel that sprang up on the area of approximately 35 thousand square meters with castle appearance rising on stone workmanship. This is one of the rare examples of tourism meeting nature.

Dikili / Bergama

The Bergama county is connected to Izmir from the most popular corners of tourists from abroad. Pergamon is an ancient city museum and admires its visitors with their natural beauty. It has a history dating back to ancient times, 40 kilometers of stunning beaches, fertile plains, thermal springs, and all the riches of nature combined with springs. Dikili, the northern Aegean coastal town of Izmir, is a treasure trove of tourism that has been home to many cultures. Dikili, which welcomes tens of thousands of visitors every year, is regarded as a symbol of lightness in the Aegean with its festivals and culture-arts life.

Dikili / Bergama Places to Visit
Bergama Museum
Besides the Pitane and Myrina finds, the museum collection mainly includes excavated finds of the ancient city of Pergamon. Ethnographic materials are also exhibited.

Pergamon About 400 meters above sea level, the oldest settlement in the city, located between the two branches of Bakırçay, is dated to the 8th century AD. P…

Places to Visit in Edirne

With its unique historical texture, natural and cultural heritage, Edirne is a well-established city of the Ottoman reign. The city is surrounded by willow trees and green wet grasslands; 18 km from the border of Bulgaria and 6 km from the border with Greece. You can also plan a vacation to the fascinating city of Thrace region, where every corner smells of history, so you can get a chance to go on a tour of Edirne.

List The Places To Visit In Edirne
The glamorous city of Edirne, which was established at the intersection of Arda and Meric rivers, is the second capital city of the Ottoman Empire, and it houses distinguished tourist attractions in its own right. Thanks to the magnificent architectural structures such as mosque, inn, hamam, caravansary, bazaar and bridge, tourists are given an unforgettable sightseeing experience.

Edirne is also able to attract tourists with the traditional Kırkpınar Oil Wrestling events organized from July 1 to July 7 every year. Many local and foreign …