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Ayvalık is located on a low hill area near the Aegean Sea. This district has been a stopover for travelers for many years. With the development of tourism, many stone-paved street asphalts are welcoming their guests without sacrificing the sincerity of the town. The clear sea of Ayvalik has recently become a center of attraction for divers.

How to get to Ayvalık?
It is 489 to Istanbul, 675 to Ankara and 156 km to Izmir. There are direct flights to Ayvalık . Ayvalik can be reached by following Bandırma Balıkesir from Istanbul and Eskisehir Bursa route from Ankara. There is also an airport in Edremit.
Food in Ayvalık
Ayvalık dishes are famous for being cooked in olive oil. There are rich options such as stuffed vegetables with olive oil in the menu of the restaurants in the district, marasa made with lamb, tortoiseshell, marbling, radish, radica, istifno, zucchini stuffed with fava and curd. The most famous dish on Cunda Island is "papalina" fish, which is even smaller than ha…


Located south of the Burhaniye Plain in the eastern part of the Gulf of Edremit, Ören is a center of attraction for Turkish tourists with its accommodation facilities. Olive and Tourism Festival is held in August and September.
How to get to Ören?
623km from Ankara, 175km from İzmir, 464km from Istanbul and 142 km away from Çanakkale. There are local buses from Burhaniye in the distance.
The facilities are generally modest and family-run in quality and relatively inexpensive. Tent camping areas are also available in the region.
Places to visit in Ören
Adramytteion Ancient City
In the ruins of Ören, which is the settlement area of the old city Adramytteion known as the old Edremit, today there are not many historical remains belonging to those eras. The reason for this is that the city has to frequent invasion and fight in history. It is revealed that the area near the ruins is covered with ancient city remains. Therefore, a certain part of Ören was taken under the scope …


Akçay is a peaceful holiday town where the untouched nature of the Ida Mountains and the cool waters of the Aegean Sea are intertwined. It is one of the most touristic points of the Gulf of Edremit with its Kordon Road, Sarıkız sculpture, fresh waters gushing through the sea, and immaculate beaches.

How to get to Akçay?
Akçay can be reached directly from Istanbul, Izmir and Ankara by bus.
Places to Visit in Akçay
Antandros Antique City is 17 km away from Akçay; It was founded on a hill close to Altinoluk in the south of Ida Mountains. The city is surrounded by a castle on the hill and a cemetery on the western slopes. Excavation work continues in the historical city within the borders of Altınoluk.

Altınoluk is 17 km away from Akçay; Altınoluk, located to the north of Edremit Gulf, south of Kazdağı, is another tourism center with blue flag awarded beaches.

Pınarbaşı picnic area 6 km away from Akçay; It is located within the borders of Güre. The abundant and ice-cold water flowing from …

Bodrum Holiday Guide

The town of Muğla is one of the most popular holiday destinations in Turkey. The tourist season here is now summer and winter.

How to go to Bodrum?
Bodrum is 846 km away from Istanbul, 280 km away from Izmir and 720 km away from Ankara. There are direct buses to Bodrum from most centers. Bodrum Airport is about 40 km from the center. Bus services from Bodrum Airport are operated according to domestic flights.
There are regular ferry services from Bodrum to the Greek islands Kos and Rhodes. At the same time, flights to Datça, Didim and Dalyan are held in summer.
There are quite a number of accommodation facilities in towns and villages as well as in the city center. You can choose from a wide range of 5-star hotels, motels or hostels. From the center, Bodrum is reached by minibuses and boats.
Places to visit in Bodrum
The Indigenous people of Halikarnassos were Karialis and Lelegans. Geographer Pausanias writes that Strabon and the architect Vitruvius Halika…

14 Things About Göbeklitepe

An archaeological study has been going on in Urfa Göbeklitepe since 1995, which will enable us to rethink our knowledge about human history, change the established understanding of history and inquire into the history of religions. The building is known as the oldest and largest worship center in the history of Göbeklitepe dating back to 10000 BC. Göbeklitepe is 7000 years older than Stonehenge in England and 7500 years older than Egyptian pyramids. In addition, the cultivated plant representing the resident passion is found at the foothill of the wheat in Göbeklitepe. Thousand years after it was built, these temples, which were closed and buried by people, are coming back to daylight.
1. Geographic location of Göbeklitepe

Göbeklitepe is located in Örencik village, 20 km north east of Şanlıurfa, about 300 meters wide and 15 meters high.
2. Göbeklitepe, the first and greatest temple of history

The Göbeklitepe belonging to the Neolithic turn is important in terms of being the center of …


Altınoluk beaches attract attention with their cheap accommodation options. It is preferred by those who are particularly disturbed by respiratory tracts with plenty of oxygen. You can also have fun in the kahveler under the sycamore trees at the village square, just above the beach.

How to get to Altınoluk? There are buses from Istanbul, Ankara and Izmir. Edremit, 450 to Istanbul (via Canakkale), 185 to Izmir, 616 km to Ankara.

If you are coming from Yenikapı, Bandırma via ferry, you can reach Altınoluk via Biga - Çan - Yenice - Edremit.
Places to Visit in Altınoluk

The remains of the city are located about 1 kilometer after the exit of Altınoluk district, opposite the sign on Antandros on the road. The settlement that started in Antandros in the 8th century BC, which was founded on the western slopes of Kaletepe in the north of the Edremit Gulf continued until the 5th century BC.

Although different opinions, historian Stephanos Bizantios suggests that the Kimmers who organ…