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Winter Sports


Snowboarding, a winter sport linked to the International Ski Federation, is an activity with snowboarding on the feet. Popularities are based on the 1990s.


With its two long slides underneath which provide transport on slippery slopes such as snow and ice, the slippery, or slippery, horse-drawn, dog-sled, slippery slippery skid now allows the card to safely slide and have fun.

Tour Slide

It is one of the sports clubs that are lighter and shorter, the tour deck which is separated from the normal ski with the features like the hole in the nose and the notch at the back, and high performance. We can describe this sport as slipping down a slope that is reached by walking for a long time.

Snow Canos

It is not very common that this sport is applied as a slip on a sloping and snowy ground. The snow canal can be likened to an upper level of slippery slip from childhood. The most important issue to be aware of is that it requires a large level area to stop after the slope.


Turkey's Ski Resorts

Tourism forms are changing rapidly in the tourism sector. The technological development and the ease of transportation can bring people to distances in a short time. It is no longer necessary to escape to the hot regions in the winter months. Those who want to experience the unique beauty and possibilities of the winter season are now flocking to ski resorts. In today's tourism sector, the winter holiday phenomenon has found itself a considerable place among alternative tourism activities. In the period between December and March, people go to the popular ski resorts, especially when the schools are in the semester break.

Skiing centers scattered all around Turkey show how cold days can turn into fun activities by saving people from the gloomy winter weather where white snow cover makes life difficult. The winter holidays, which prepare ski suits with their first abdominal loot, are looking forward to experiencing slipping excitement and having an unforgettable winter break. Those…


Karaburun is established in the Karaburun peninsula, which forms the northern part of the line between Balıkova and Gerence in the Urla Peninsula of Izmir. The blue-flagged Karaburun coasts, where the Mediterranean monk (Monachus monachus), which has a considerably decreasing number of people in the world, is located, and because the road is bendy, it is far from the crowd of tourists.

How to get to Karaburun?
To go to Karaburun Izmir-Çeşme highway is necessary to drive. This way is 45 kilometers to the Karaburun turnout. After that, you have to travel 55 kilometers further, especially when approaching Karaburun, the road is quite bendy and challenging. Karaburun is about 100 kilometers from İzmir. The closest airport to Karaburun is in Izmir. Starting from 7.15 on the Izmir terminal, buses depart for Karaburun for an hour. The journey lasts two and a half hours.
Accommodation in Karaburun
Hotel Astoria, Bodrum location: +902327312075
Nergis Boutique Hotel: +902327314146
Mimas Hotel: …


The city of Seferihisar became the first Cittaslow of Turkey in 2010.

How to get to Seferihisar?
Seferihisar is 47 km from Izmir. It is located in Sigacik Bay on the southwest. You can g oto Seferihisar from Üçkuyular Garage and there are bus services. There are municipal bus services from Konak.
Accommodation in Seferihisar
In Seferihisar house pension is supported. One room of wooden houses on Sığacık beach is rented by tourists. Small motels and lodgings are located in Seferihisar's Sığacık neighborhood. Akarca, Ürkmez and Doganbey also have pensions.

Three B. Marine: +902327457200
Teos Pension: + 90232-7457463
Sahil Pansiyon: +902327457199
Liman Pansiyon: +902327457462
Blue Olive: +902327457374
Tranquility Hotel: +902327457201
Köşk Motel: +902327457574
Mountain Motel: +90232745723
Food in Seferihisar
Bread stuffing, Seferihisar mantis, lok lok, samsades, gum tarhana, sweet tarhana, keşkek, zucchini stuffed with fish, spinach, lamb stuff, pyroh, çalkama (otlu), yuvalaça. Seharih…


Urla, the county of Izmir, is located in the central part of the Urla Peninsula in the west of the city. The Artichoke Festival in Urla is held from April 29th to May 1st.

How to get to Urla?
600km to Istanbul, 620km to Ankara and 38 km to Izmir. Urla is reached with buses and minibuses departing from Izmir.
Places to Visit in Urla
It is located to the south of Urla. In Kokarkoy, both historical and natural beauty are together. Clean sea of Kokarkoy is 98 m in some places. reaching depth.
Quarantine Island
Quarantine Island, about 100 meters from the Urla coast, is spreading over 320 acres. The island took its name from the quarantine facilities that the French did in 1865. The island was connected to Urla by road in 1955.In fact, this is not the first landing of the island; some sources say that the island is connected to the land in the time of Alexander the Great, while the excavations of the ancient city of Klazomenai continue in the island. The Quarantine Island is a pla…


The county of Izmir is located on the peninsula between Foça, Çandarlı Gulf and İzmir Gulf. In order to protect archaeological, architectural and natural riches, it was declared a Special Environmental Protection Area in 1990.

How to get to Foça
Foça, 668 km to Istanbul, 85km to Bergama, 65 km to Izmir. The bus leaves from İzmir Garage to Foça.
Those who come from Istanbul with a special vehicle need to deviate from Foça on Çanakkale İzmir road. The ones coming from Ankara can reach through Afyon.
Accommodation in Foça
Hotel Grand Amphora: +902328122806
Foçaantique: +902328124313
GökerApart: +9023281258 98
Hanedan Hotel: +902328121515
Hanedan Resort: +902328123650
Peace Parts: +902328121203
Yal Hotel: +902328128136
Kumsal Hotel: +902328121182
Leon Hotel: +902328122960
Liberty Apart: +902328121193
Melaike Hotel: +902328122414
Remzi's Place: +902328122340
Sunsail Club Phokaia: +902328128080
Zeki Pansiyon: +902328122126
Places to Visit in Foça
Foça is based on a peninsula between Çand…