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Karaburun is established in the Karaburun peninsula, which forms the northern part of the line between Balıkova and Gerence in the Urla Peninsula of Izmir. The blue-flagged Karaburun coasts, where the Mediterranean monk (Monachus monachus), which has a considerably decreasing number of people in the world, is located, and because the road is bendy, it is far from the crowd of tourists.

How to get to Karaburun?

To go to Karaburun Izmir-Çeşme highway is necessary to drive. This way is 45 kilometers to the Karaburun turnout. After that, you have to travel 55 kilometers further, especially when approaching Karaburun, the road is quite bendy and challenging. Karaburun is about 100 kilometers from İzmir. The closest airport to Karaburun is in Izmir. Starting from 7.15 on the Izmir terminal, buses depart for Karaburun for an hour. The journey lasts two and a half hours.

Accommodation in Karaburun

Hotel Astoria, Bodrum location: +902327312075
Nergis Boutique Hotel: +902327314146
Mimas Hotel: +902327312868
Araş Otel: +902327375200
Rüya Hotel: +902327375456
Derin - Naz Pension: +902327313282
Lipsos Hotel: +902327354364
Number One Apart Pension: +902327314087
Kalyon Pension: +902327313443
Palmiye Pansiyon: +902327312090
Ergin Pension: +902327313078
Alkış Pension: +902327313286
Aydeniz Pension: +902327340237
Keyfim Pension: +902327313231
Dogancan Pension: +905545313822
Devir Apart Pension: +902327312182

Places to Visit in Karaburun

Trip Route

To get to Karaburun Peninsula, we can start our cruise by departing Karaburun exit slightly ahead after crossing Urla junction in the direction of İzmir Çeşme. This half-circle route offers a wealth of options for those looking for alternative routes to spend the weekend. Along the way, many fisherman villagers will face hidden marshlands.

After leaving the highway, the coastal road is winding and narrow. As you head north, you will pass the villages of Balıkova, Mordoğan and Kaynarpınar. Here you can take a break in small modest fishing lounges. Accommodation options are available in Mordoğan. The next point is Inecik Village, which is located on a mountain a kilometer from Kaynarpınar. In the village you can visit the picturesque streets with old Greek houses and take pictures. You can give a tea break in the village cafe. You will see many beaches on the way before you come to Karaburun. Ardıç, İçmekısı, Bodrum, Mimoza beaches are some of these. You can spend the night in Karaburun. There are many fishermen's restaurants on the scaffolding.

You can take two tours from Karaburun to the mountains. Two kilometers from here, the road will leave towards Akdağ. You can easily drive up to the Akdag peak. This is the highest point of the peninsula and offers a panoramic view where all the bays can be viewed.

The road deviating in the opposite direction of Akdağ will take you to Yaylaköy. This is the village at the highest altitude of the peninsula. If you continue from here, go to Küçükbahçe Village. You can stay in the small pensions in the village.

Those who want to follow the route along the coast can go back to Karaburun and continue from the road fishing village Yeniliman. The Haseki, Sarpincik and Sazak villages along the road are abandoned villages. To give a break in the sea, those who want to follow the paths going up to the sea can go down to Hampebükü from Sarpincık and to Badembek from Parlak. Once again we reach the Küçükbahçe Village. The Karareis cottage on the road is full of sites. You can stop here and break in Gerence and take a break in Ildırı. Here are small boutique hotels ive fisherman's restaurants.

You can also visit Erythrai Antique City ruins here.

Karaburun has two "blue flag" beach. Apart from Kuyucak and Akvaryum (Incirlikoy) beaches, Bodrum Beach is also about to get a blue flag.

Karaburun also has alternative tourism options. Participating in tours organized by some tourism companies, trekking, tubing or tubeless diving, canyon pass, jeep and moto-safaris can be done.

Karaburun Festival is held every year on the second week of August. Science conventions and utopian meetings are also held in the district.

Agro-Eko Tourism Women's Cooperative founded by village women make various handicrafts, different jams (artichoke, tomatoes, cauliflower) and carnelian fragrance. These can be purchased from Karaburun on holiday return.

Important Phones

Municipality: +902327313020
Security Directorate: +902327313013


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