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Turkey's Ski Resorts

Tourism forms are changing rapidly in the tourism sector. The technological development and the ease of transportation can bring people to distances in a short time. It is no longer necessary to escape to the hot regions in the winter months. Those who want to experience the unique beauty and possibilities of the winter season are now flocking to ski resorts. In today's tourism sector, the winter holiday phenomenon has found itself a considerable place among alternative tourism activities. In the period between December and March, people go to the popular ski resorts, especially when the schools are in the semester break.

Skiing centers scattered all around Turkey show how cold days can turn into fun activities by saving people from the gloomy winter weather where white snow cover makes life difficult. The winter holidays, which prepare ski suits with their first abdominal loot, are looking forward to experiencing slipping excitement and having an unforgettable winter break. Those who go to white jenny first make a short security test strap to get used to the ski run. Afterwards, enjoyable moments start to live with the support of professional ski guides or alone, in a wonderful landscape. In the serene environment of white snow covered green forest texture, only the thrilling screams and sound of the skiing squads echo the sound. Those who live in adrenaline-filled moments in cold weather during the day, the nights warm the entrances with pleasure at the fireplace.

Arranging the Olympics in two different categories, summer and winter, is the most important detail showing the importance of skiing. Today, about 2 thousand ski centers, 6 thousand pistes and 27 thousand lifts serve to those who love the sport for skiing in 80 countries around the world. The ski, which dates back to about 5,000 years ago, was made in different ways from various trees to sink the card in the early periods. In Sweden, the olive tree made of pine tree in 1921 was identified as a 4000-year-old boy with a hoting ski.

According to scientists, skiing first used in Siberia, Mongolia and the Altai Mountains later spread to other snowy regions of the world. Initially used as a means of transport, skiing began to be used for military purposes in countries such as Sweden, Norway, Poland and Russia since the 15th century; After 1866, tourism has become an important part of the contest and entertainment sector in its portfolio. Ski lovers can try snowboarding, alpine discipline, biathlon, skiing, free style skiing, skiboarding, ski jumping, northern combined, skibob and other types of vehicles that vary according to the figures. Skiing, a traditional sporting venue of some countries such as Austria, has become an important economic sector since the last quarter of the 20th century.

Turkey offers excellent opportunities for winter tourism with its diversity of geographical conditions. There are about 450 mountains between 1000 and 4000 meters that they load on the lands that surround Anatolia. In summer, the mountains, which serve the highlands, hiking, climbing, health and entertainment sectors, are welcoming alternative tourism activities together with snowing in winter. By indicating that there are 48 skiing spots in 81 provinces in Turkey, we can express our country's place in winter tourism.

Today, there are many ski resorts that professionally serve throughout Turkey. Ski centers consisting of hotels, café restaurants, runway areas and mechanical facilities that provide access to these areas, ski schools, and ski houses that supply ski equipment offer a comfortable holiday as well as this sports teacher. The novices or those who want to try this sport for the first time can get help from professional trainers who work in ski schools. Experienced ski lovers who have been loving this sport for years have left themselves on the soft surface of the snow from the highs they have raised with the help of lifts. I remind you that you can rent equipment at almost any ski resort. Also, as an important note, I inform you that ski lifts have been stopped for all ski resorts in the case of heavy snowfall, type, heavy wind and heavy fog. Finally, it's a good idea to make sure that each ski resort has its own price standard and that you have to book early due to the winter rate. Ski lovers who want to have a pleasurable holiday can try some of the following sports outside skiing in their ski resorts.


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Winter Sports


Snowboarding, a winter sport linked to the International Ski Federation, is an activity with snowboarding on the feet. Popularities are based on the 1990s.


With its two long slides underneath which provide transport on slippery slopes such as snow and ice, the slippery, or slippery, horse-drawn, dog-sled, slippery slippery skid now allows the card to safely slide and have fun.

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It is one of the sports clubs that are lighter and shorter, the tour deck which is separated from the normal ski with the features like the hole in the nose and the notch at the back, and high performance. We can describe this sport as slipping down a slope that is reached by walking for a long time.

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It is not very common that this sport is applied as a slip on a sloping and snowy ground. The snow canal can be likened to an upper level of slippery slip from childhood. The most important issue to be aware of is that it requires a large level area to stop after the slope.


Çambaşı Ski Center

Çambaşı Ski Center, projected within the boundaries of the Ordu's Kabadüz district Çambaşı Plateau, is one of the new destinations of provincial tourism.

The large part of the year, especially in summer, the presence of a geographical area with highland and foreign tourists watching is a great advantage for the ski resort.

Another characteristic of the 1850-meter-high ski resort spreads over an area of lake view and surrounded by spruce trees is the potential for quality snow. At the beginning of the activity started with a babylift in the center of 1250 and 1000 meters in length is planned to be done two sieve. The total runway length of the area with five separate runways is 10 kilometers. The longest runway reaches 3000 meters. The length of Babylift is 300 meters and it allows you to ski 1000 meters. The maximum elevation difference between the ski runs at all levels is 325 meters.

In the center there is a ski resort, a cafeteria and an administration room, as well as three se…

Akdag Ski Center

Samsun, leaning his back on the Canik Mountains, is washing his face with the salt water of the Black Sea every day. The people of the region who are longing for the land due to the low snowfall of the coastal parts of the Black Sea, escape to the high mountains in the interior in January. In summer, Samsun is overflowing as a summer resort and in the winter months it becomes the address of Akdag Winter Sports Center and Central Black Sea skiing activities.

Akdag is the highest mountain of Samsun with its mass of 2086 meters; 80 kilometres from the center of the province, five kilometers from the center of Ladik district. In addition to Samsun, Akdağ attracts intense interest from the surrounding provinces such as Amasya, Çorum and Tokat. Today, Akdag is a tourist ski resort. Providing comfortable and risk-free skiing with the ability to hold crushed snow on the slippery surface of the ground, Akdag is ideal for those who want to decorate with a view of nature, sports and snow during t…