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Places to Visit in Edirne

With its unique historical texture, natural and cultural heritage, Edirne is a well-established city of the Ottoman reign. The city is surrounded by willow trees and green wet grasslands; 18 km from the border of Bulgaria and 6 km from the border with Greece. You can also plan a vacation to the fascinating city of Thrace region, where every corner smells of history, so you can get a chance to go on a tour of Edirne.

List The Places To Visit In Edirne

The glamorous city of Edirne, which was established at the intersection of Arda and Meric rivers, is the second capital city of the Ottoman Empire, and it houses distinguished tourist attractions in its own right. Thanks to the magnificent architectural structures such as mosque, inn, hamam, caravansary, bazaar and bridge, tourists are given an unforgettable sightseeing experience.

Edirne is also able to attract tourists with the traditional Kırkpınar Oil Wrestling events organized from July 1 to July 7 every year. Many local and foreign visitors are participating in the events organized by the competition, folklore shows, exhibitions, wrestling matches and fair organizations. You can plan a holiday in Istanbul, which is a great city in 3 hours distance, summer and winter. However, if you come in the summer months, you will have the chance to see these wrestling events, which are considered the greatest sporting and cultural events of Edirne. In the meantime, you can find the answer to the question where to stay in Edirne in our article titled ‘general information about hotel accommodation and hotel recommendations in Edirne? ‘ .

Selimiye Mosque

The Selimiye Mosque, known as the masterpiece of Mimar Sinan, is one of the tourist attractions that should be seen among the places to visit Edirne. The monumental work designed by master artist at the age of 80 is one of the most beautiful works of Ottoman Turkish art and world architecture history. Mosque built of cut stone; marble, wood, pearl and tile adornments.

Three Honorable Mosques

The Three Honored Mosque, the most beautiful example of a single-domed transition rises beside the Republic Square with its magnificent image. The highest minaret has a total of three honors. During the period of Murat II. (1438-1447), the architectural work built by the master Mushahitin is going to each hall of honor through a separate ladder. Another important feature of the glass is that the patio is outside. The courtyard in the rectangular structure is notable for its red and white colonnade arches. The fountain in the middle part of the courtyard and the crown of the crown show a decorative appearance.

Ethnography Museum

The Ethnography Museum, which covers a wide area with its archeology department and garden, sheds light on the cultures of different civilizations with its exclusive collection. Paleontological, Neolithic and Chalcolithic era fossil remains are exhibited. The building, which was opened in 1971, is also possible to encounter many historical monuments worth seeing from photographs of Edirne clothes to icons of the Roman period unique to the houses of the region. We suggest that you visit the museum, located 50 meters from the Selimiye Mosque, in order to analyze the history of Edirne.

Old Mosque

The Old Mosque completed by Süleyman Çelebi is important as the first monumental structure of Edirne. There are 9 dome annexes in the historic building which stands out among the most intense monuments of the 15th century. It has a spacious ambience thanks to four paddles used indoors. The light bulb and pulpit used on the center dome are eye-catching with their fine and elegant decorations. You can witness the historical moments of your holiday by visiting the mosque on Sabuni Street, which symbolizes the growth of the Ottoman State.

II. Beyazid Social Complex and Hospital

The Beyazid Complex and Hospital, built in 1484-1488 under the leadership of architect Hayrettin, represents one of the most prominent examples of Ottoman architecture. The architectural structure, which rises among the rugged sets on the terrain, has a total of more than 100 domes. It has a complex structure together with mosque, madrasa, Turkish Bath, kitchen and storage facilities. Today, , various concerts are given in the Health Museum.

Selimiye Ottoman Bazaar

Selimiye Ottoman Bazaar, also known as "Kavaflar Bazaar", is located on the slope to the right of the Selimiye Mosque. Built in 73 arches, 124 shops serve the market. In the middle of the bazaar there is a section called "Prayer Dome". Prior to the opening of the bazaar, all the tradesmen gathered at this dome and swore that they would do business at a fair price. In the first production of Bazaar, the upper part was covered with lead. Afterwards, a restoration work was carried out and the tiles were placed on the ground by taking the bullets on them. The bazaar, which is located within Edirne sightseeing places, points to one of the most important tourist routes of the city with 4 different entrance gates.

Selimiye Foundation Museum

The Selimiye Foundation Museum, designed by Mimarbaşı Sinan on the Stone Rooms Street between 1569-1575, displays a harmonious image with regular cut stone joints and brick materials. A large garden with a rectangular structure surrounds the building, which is accessed through a portal-shaped door. Also known as "Dar'ül Kurra Medresesi", the museum also has separate rooms where mine, tile, wooden and calligraphic works are exhibited. The large room in the backyard garden is used as a mosque and a classroom in the past. In the rooms located in the west and south, medrese folk and students stayed.

Edirne Great Synagogue

The historic synagogue of Edirne, which dates back to the Seferad Jamaat which took refuge in the Ottoman Empire, stands for "Place of Meeting" in Turkish. The place of worship, which is regarded as the third largest synagogue in the world, was subjected to the restoration work after the fire in 1905, It has been rebuilt with Abdulhamid's edict. When you visit Dilaverbey Street, you can make your holiday a memorable moment.

Meriç Bridge

Meriç Bridge, which was built during the reign of Sultan Abdülmecit, is on Edirne-Karaağaç road. The triangular prism shape of the bridge completed in 1842 and the evacuation eyes on the bridge legs create a spectacular visual silhouette from a panoramic point of view. In the arch section; 8 Cornered Stars, 12 Animal Turkish Calendar and two dragon figures emphasizing Seljuk architecture. The most special part of the bridge is the marble-designed "Seyir Köşkü". You can come across the motifs that symbolize items such as weapons, armor, trumpets and helmets on the outer surface of the mansion, which is placed on four rectangular feet.

Museum of Turkish and Islamic Arts

The Museum of Turkish and Islamic Arts, which is located in the north-east of Selimiye Mosque and which is an indispensable place for places to visit Edirne, hosts artistic works from different corners of the Islamic world. All the works are presented to visitors in 14 rooms in Dar'ül Tedris Madrasa. The museum has many rooms with different names such as "Pehlivanlar", "Balkan War", "Tekke Goods", "Tile-Ceramic", "Sarayiçi" and "Kitchenware". Handwritings, glass works, metal and ceramic objects are just some of the items housed inside.

Balkan War Museum

The Balkan War Museum on the top called Kıyık is of great importance in terms of Edirne's history. In the collection of the museum prepared for the memory of the martyrs of the Balkan Wars, there are historical objects and historical remains. There is also a memorial grave of Şükrü Pasha, who has fought against the Bulgarian siege army in the area surrounded by the Kishi Tabs. The large area is used as a 16,000 square-meter monument, a 3 thousand square-meter sitting group, and a 10,000 square-meter green space.

Balkan Martyrdom

The Balkan Cemetery is an important tourist route made to emphasize the importance of the Balkan War. It continues to live the memories of 200,000 martyrs who were captured by the Bulgars during the war and left to die by being hungry. In this martyrdom opened on January 14, 1994 in the presence of various ceremonies, you will see the name of 100 officers who lived in different corners of Turkey and 400 crests.

Rüstem Paşa Caravanserai

Rüstem Pasha Caravanserai, which now functions as a hotel, stands out among the magnificent Works of architect Sinan. Historical building with small domes; han, brick and stone orders. In the caravanserai located in Sabuni street, you can have a good time together with your loved ones or you can stay for your holiday.

Beyazid Bridge

It is estimated that the Beyazid Bridge, which rises above the Tunca River, has been built for the purpose of making it easier for the surrounding people to come to the mosque. The architectural structure designed by Hayrettin Pasha during the Beyazid II. period gives a single bridge impression thanks to the Lonely Goose Bridge at its end. The pointed arched eyes of the bridge over 6 meters give a nice view with the reflection of the river.

The Tower of Macedonia

The Macedonian Tower, which remains from the walls of Hadrianopolis, succeeds in amazing the the tourists coming from all over the world. The Clock Tower was given the name of the place where it was used, with the special clock being brought from France. There are some excavation work around the tower nowadays. Ceramic ovens and walls from old walls are bumping around. You should absolutely see the architectural structure of Edirne, where you will find places to visit. You can take panoramic photos with your friends against the tower. Later, you can go to one of the restaurants near the tower and taste the famous leaf liver of the region prepared with special sauces.

I shared information and photographs about the most important places you should visit in Edirne during the Edirne sites. Apart from these, travelers can add the following points to the list of places to visit in Edirne: Ali Paşa Çarşısı, Bulgarian Church, Justice Kasrı, Karaağaç Train Station, Enez Castle, Muradiye Mosque, Justice Kasrı Tower, Edirne Palace, Gazi Mihal Bridge, 4. Mehmet Av Pavilion, Hıdırlık Tabyası and Saraçlar Street.


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