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Assos (Behramkale)

Behramkale Village Ayvacık, Çanakkale is also known today as Assos. The center takes its name from the port city of Assos. At the entrance of the city, the road is divided into two. One goes down to the city and the other goes to the ruins of the old town.

How to go to Assos?

400 kms to Istanbul, 734 to Ankara, 238 to Izmir, 126 kilometers to Ayvalık, but there is no direct bus to Assos. It is necessary to reach Ayvacık with minibuses departing from Çanakkale Bus Station and from there to Behramkale. Edremit route from Izmir is followed and after Küçükkuyu, the road to Assos is reached. When Ankara exit point is taken, Assos is through Eskişehir - Bursa - Balıkesir - Edremit road.

Places to visit in Assos


The first folk of Asos is declared that it was the Lelegian people. The city where Lesbos (Lesbos) was founded by a group from the beginning of 7th century BC, lived in 560 BC in Lycia and 545 BC in Persian dominion. Eubolos, one of the wealthy of the city, proclaimed his kingdom in 387 BC. But after a while, his slave Hermaios killed him and replaced him. When Aristotales and Plato's student Hermaios took control, he called his friend Aristotales to Assos to open a school of philosophy here. One of the students of Aristo who taught here for three years was the famous philosopher Kleantes. The most attractive structure, like the old one of Assos on the rock, is the Temple of Athena. 6th century AD The oldest temple built on the Dor in Anatolia. It is considered one of the most distinguished examples of architectural history in terms of being a Dor temple with reliefs in its friezes.

Behramkale Village

The village on the north slope of the hill where the ancient Assos city was founded attracts attention with its architectural style. The village houses, which are distinguished from the typical architectural character of the Aegean region, are the most successful examples of stone materials.

The Smintheion

It is located in the village of Gülpınar, Ayvacık. Tthe city belongs to God Apollonia. The temple in the city is the best example of the Ion style.

Hüdavendigar Mosque

The mosque at the end of the ancient city walls of Assos belongs to the 14 th century Murat Hüdavendigar period. The most important feature of the Hüdavendigar Mosque is that it has one of the first known gypsum mihraves in Anatolia.


It is located at the westernmost point of Asia. The castle was built in 1726 and in the mosque in 1729.

Assos – Geyikli Route

After Assos, the road that goes away from the sea but goes parallel to the beach is full of villages where the traditional stone architect lives. From Behramkale to the west settlements like Korubasi, Kuruoba, Balabanlı and Koyunevi are suitable for small tours. There is a stone mill used in Bektaş Village, which is in the mid-point of these four, until last years. You can go to the sea at the Sütlüce Cove, about 400 meters away. At the end of the bay there is a fisherman's shelter and in the rest there is the famous Sivrice Lighthouse. In Sivrice, there are motels and pensions at the seaside. Approximately five miles to the west, Sokakağzı locality is another place to be seen and provided with accommodation. Just as it is in the Bay of Sütlüce, it is a very unlikely place.

Stone is the most important element that shapes this peninsula. The pillars produced in the antique aged Troas quarries contributed to the rise of the metropolises in many centers of the Roman Empire as well as Anatolia. It is possible to see the stones that emerged from these quarries, once sprinkled in the world, in Khryse (Gülpınar), Larisa, Kolona and Aleksandros Troas from ancient cities on our route [from south to north]. However, again, these stones, especially locally, can also be seen in very ordinary places. For example, in the garden of the village cafe in Koruoba, the bases belonging to the Roman time are used as tables. The ancient architectural elements are used in houses , and the gates of public spaces such as village cemeteries can be made of Roman columns.

We face a bridge rising from the mainland to the west at Tuzla, suddenly rising in the direction of the sea, between wheat fields. This bridge is part of the ancient road connecting Khryse city to Alexandria Troas. Perhaps because of the accumulation of alluvial deposits, the soil is under the ground and the high part of it suprises us like a miracle between immense fields.

The granite columns, reaching tens of tons in weight, are loaded onto the ancient port of gondolas in the area today called Dalyan and sent to different centers of the Mediterranean. The artificial port of Aleksandreia Troas with its red brick floor can still be seen on the Dalyan coast. There are also granite columns on the shore that are brought to the port to be loaded into the ships and left for some reason. However, perhaps the most exciting point of the peninsula is the quarrying quarries that are abandoned while in operation, in the vicinity of Kocali Village of Geyikli. These quarries, which had seven granite floors and seven giant granite floors lying on top of each other, escaped for centuries from the researchers’ attention.


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