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Fethiye Holiday Guide

In ancient times, Telmessos, which is the name of the province of Muğla Fethiye, is the most frequented port of the blue voyage boats. You can also walk around as well as on foot around Fethiye.

How to get to Fethiye?

Fethiye, 720 from Istanbul, 650 from Ankara, 360 from Izmir,and 40 km away from Dalaman Airport. Most of the bus companies have direct drive to Fethiye.

Accommodation in Fethiye

Holiday resorts, hotels, pensions are located in many centers as Fethiye, Oludeniz, Karagozler, Hisaronu, Ovacik, Belcekız, Faralya, Gocek, Calis, Üzümlü.It is possible to reach the phone numbers of hotels and pensions in Fethiye center and vicinity from Muğla Tourism Directorate's web page (

Places to Visit in Fethiye

The Old Mosque and Fethiye Hammam Paspatur Bazaar which was built in 1791 belonging to the Ottoman period in Fethiye is located in the Bazaar. There are many sarcophagi and rock tombs in and around the district. The Lycian period monumental grave decorated with reliefs symbolizing warriors is located beside the PTT.

Fethiye Castle

Fethiye Castle
The castle rising south of the city is believed to belong to the Knights of Saint Jean. There are two small and simple rock tombs on the eastern face of the hill, a few inscriptions carved into the walls and a cistern of unknown history.


Belcekız Beach Fethiye
Fethiye's most popular resort town Ölüdeniz beach, is actually consist of two parts. The first part is where the lagoon is. The other is Belcekız Beach, which overlooks the open sea. It has a large beach, a clean sea. Unlike the lagoon here, the sea suddenly deepens and can be fluctuating at any moment. The area of 950 hectares has been declared as Kıdrak Natural Park. It is 14 kilometers from Fethiye. Fethiye can be reached with minibuses, as well as daily boat tours.

10 Things to Do in Ölüdeniz

Telmessos Ancient City

Rock Tombs - Telmessos Ancient City - Fethiye
Today's Fethiye city is built on the ancient Telmessos. According to the legend, the name of the city comes from Telmessos, the son of Apollon, in 547 BC the Persians were connected to the Caria Satrap. In the middle of the 5th century BC, the city that joined the Attic Delos Union later left and became independent. Telmessos, who was under the control of Alexander the Great, was joined to the Ptolemies before his death and then to the Kingdom of Pergamon. The Temple of Apollo and the theater that can be seen up to 1856 among the city's remains were demolished by an earthquake that occurred in those days. There are two columned rock tombs on the Acropolis hillsides. Amyntas tombs dated to the 4th century BC appear in the foreground.


A few hours climb from Üzümlü is required to reach the ancient city, 19 kilometers north of Fethiye. The oldest known ruin in the city is not older than the 5th century. Surrounded by the city walls, the public buildings are scattered in the middle and south of the acropolis.

Kadyanda Fethiye
The city center has a temple, a stadium, a hammam, and a theater on the south end of the acropolis. The agora is on the south-west of the city. There are two rock tombs on the acropolis platform.

Katrancı Cove

Katrancı Cove Fethiye
It is located on the Muğla road, 17 kilometers away from Fethiye. Tent camping can be done in the bay, which is covered with pine trees which stretches up to the sea.

Daily (Small Kargı)

Günlük - Small Kargı
The city is located 19 kilometers away Fethiye on Muğla road. It is an area of camping and day trip.

Calis Beach

Calis Beach Fethiye
5 kilometers away from the beach in the province attracts attention with 4 km of beach. In addition to water sports activities on the beach, it is also the venue of Caretta carettars,and there are many facilities.


Babadağ is part of the Taurus mountain system that has spread the south of Turkey from west to east. Behind Ölüdeniz in Fethiye, it suddenly rises from the beach and reaches 1969 meters. The 13-kilometer path leading to Babadağ's peak does not have technical difficulty, but frequent vegetation, variable ground structure and hot and arid climate in the summer creates unique challenges. Babadağ has a unique feature in that it can rise up to 2 thousand meters from the sea in one day and offer a stroke. Experienced hikers are sure to experiment on this route which offers a changing view and a rich flora of the mountain in every step. Carob, sandalwood, myrtle, wild almond, maple, cedar and junipers accompany the walk along the road.


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